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SolverStudio_00_06_03_00 (20140829) and later versions use a full .Net 4; installing these versions may require Admin access, particularly on older machines without recent versions of .Net. SolverStudio 00_08_02_00 and later use Visual Studio 2013 which requires Windows Installer 4.5 or later. (Earlier versions used Windows Installer 3.1, but version 4.5 should be standard on Windows XP and later.)

SolverStudio_00_09_03_00 (13722 downloads) 23 MB

SolverStudio_00_09_02_00 (1615 downloads) 32 MB

SolverStudio_00_09_01_00 (6680 downloads) 32 MB

SolverStudio_00_09_01_00 (10122 downloads) 32 MB

The file above is also available to download in smaller parts; join these together using your favourite Zip manager.
SolverStudio_00_09_01_00 (682 downloads) 10 MB
SolverStudio_00_09_01_00 20150813c_ByParts.z01 (349 downloads) 11 MB
SolverStudio_00_09_01_00 20150813c_ByParts.z02 (357 downloads) 11 MB

SolverStudio_00_09_01_00 (16498 downloads) 32 MB

SolverStudio_00_08_02_00 (1825 downloads) 33 MB

SolverStudio_00_08_01_00 (908 downloads) 32 MB

SolverStudio_00_05_40_00 (20130625) uses .Net 4 “Client Profile”; this is often pre-installed  on older Windows machines, and so Admin access is not needed during the installation.

SolverStudio_00_05_40_00 (673 downloads) 26 MB