One thought on “SolverStudio at Julia/Jump Conference

  1. Hello friends, My name is Willie, and I am an industrial engineer. I have been working in manufacturing for many years, and have specialized in Supply Chain Planning, specifically in the Master Production Schedule (MPS) process. A few months ago I graduated with a Master's degree in Logistics and Operations, and as a graduation thesis I built a GAMS model of Production Planning adjusted to Capacity, for which I based my model on the SCPc model (emphasize that it is a cost minimization model For supply chain production planning) that appears in the book "Introduction to Computational Optimization Models for Production Planning in a Supply Chain" of Dr. Stephan Voss and Prof. David Woodruff. In the companies where I have worked, I have always had the need to have a MPS tool that is flexible and dynamic enough (Excel) to offer me an automated and optimized solution, and now that I have this model in GAMS I would like to integrate it into Excel. I have a relatively advanced ability in Excel, but I am not very skilled with the macros in VBA. I find this new SolverStudio tool that I understand would facilitate this task, but I still do not think I have enough level to develop it myself. I want to learn SolverStudio, VBA (what I need) and do this integration on my own. How could you help me?

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