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  1. Hello Andrew M. What a wonderful product you have made with SolverStudio. I have used it to solve several MILP models using the CMPL language. I wanted to move on to solving NLP and MINLP as well, so I was exploring the Julia/JuMP language, however with the most recent Julia/JuMP the sample models fail to solve. Are there any plans to upgrade the interface to the latest Julia/JuMP versions. I'm using Julia 1.4.2 and JuMP 0.21.3. Using the Simple Julia example, the first error occurs with JuMPContainer not defined. I've looked through the latest Julia docs and revised this code a bit for the new way containers are managed, but eventually run into a problem with output of the Dict_example in Results.py.
    • Thanks for your post and positive comments. SolverStudio has been left behind by the Julia updates. All the Python support files that need changing are available to you and can be changed if you wish to pursue the changes yourself. We will do the updates but probably not till later this year. Andrew
  2. Hello friends, My name is Willie, and I am an industrial engineer. I have been working in manufacturing for many years, and have specialized in Supply Chain Planning, specifically in the Master Production Schedule (MPS) process. A few months ago I graduated with a Master's degree in Logistics and Operations, and as a graduation thesis I built a GAMS model of Production Planning adjusted to Capacity, for which I based my model on the SCPc model (emphasize that it is a cost minimization model For supply chain production planning) that appears in the book "Introduction to Computational Optimization Models for Production Planning in a Supply Chain" of Dr. Stephan Voss and Prof. David Woodruff. In the companies where I have worked, I have always had the need to have a MPS tool that is flexible and dynamic enough (Excel) to offer me an automated and optimized solution, and now that I have this model in GAMS I would like to integrate it into Excel. I have a relatively advanced ability in Excel, but I am not very skilled with the macros in VBA. I find this new SolverStudio tool that I understand would facilitate this task, but I still do not think I have enough level to develop it myself. I want to learn SolverStudio, VBA (what I need) and do this integration on my own. How could you help me?

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