27 Sep

INFORMS SolverStudio Presentation MD08

I’ll be presenting on SolverStudio at the INFORMS conference in Minneapolis. Please come along to the Modeling Systems II session “MD08”, Monday Oct 07, 16:30 – 18:00, Level 2 – Room 200H and learn about SolverStudio, COOPR, and how to do column generation (in SolverStudio) using  DIPPY.  I look forward to seeing you there. Andrew


2 thoughts on “INFORMS SolverStudio Presentation MD08

  1. Hi, can you share the presentation on column generation using solverstudio? I am looking for an example of how that works. Thanks, Nathan
    • Ted Ralphs was the one presenting on this. He was using Dippy, the 'big brother' of PuLP that allows column generation. Ted has an excellent set of SolverStudio examples on this page. Hope this helps, Andrew

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