20 May

SolverStudio 0.09.03 (20160520) released

We have released SolverStudio_00_09_03_00 20160520. This includes:

  • Fixes for NEOS to avoid connection aborted errors (caused by NEOS getting tougher, and us having been pinging their server too frequently).
  • Update of CMPL to v1.1, which gives substantial speed improvements. (Thanks, Mike, for this.) This improves support for Mike’s CMPL/SolverStudio textbook.
  • Update to GLPK/GMPL 4.6

SolverStudio_00_09_03_00 20160520.zip (98660 downloads )

4 thoughts on “SolverStudio 0.09.03 (20160520) released

  1. I'm very pleased with SolverStudio so far. Today I spent a lot of time fixing an issue with an (incorrectly) added dummy variable to my objective. This post indicates this is a bug in PuLP(https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/pulp-or-discuss/0pT4iiqv8oE) and is supposed to be fixed in PuLP-OR in December 2015. I manually made the suggested solution and it seems to have solved my problem. Shouldn't this change be part of the PuLP in the latest SolverStudio release as well?
    • Thanks for alerting us to this; sorry it consumed so much of your time. We will update PuLP in the next SolverStudio release. Andrew

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