16 Apr

SolverStudio 0.6.0 (2014.04.07) – Excel 2013 support, plus more

SolverStudio 0.6.0 (2014.04.07) has been released, with numerous bug fixes and improvements. This experimental beta includes:
  • beta Excel 2013 compatibility – please let us know how it works for you
  • fixes for NEOS changes,
  • the latest CBC and IPOPT solvers,
  • the latest GMPL,
  • much easier CPython support for scripting Excel,
  • a new Scintilla editor with syntax highlighting,
  • and numerous small improvements,

We have also include a new example file, “Common Formulations.xlsx”, that makes it easy to solve common optimisation models, including transportation, transshipment, assignment and knapsack model. You can also enter and solve a standard (inter) linear program, and should be able to solve more quickly than you can using OpenSolver. None of these require any understanding of SolverStudio models, and so are suitable for a wider range of users.

The new editor (and thus SolverStudio) needs the full .Net Framework 4.0, and not the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile as was used previously. This will be installed if required, and may require administrator privileges.
All feedback most welcome.

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