29 Aug

SolverStudio 0.6.03 (20140829) released

SolverStudio 0.6.03 (20140829) has now been released, and is the recommended download. This fixes the issues reported by users in the experimental SolverStudio 0.6.0 (2014.04.07) and includes minor improvements including better searching for GAMS/AMPL/Gurobi installations, a new version of GLPK/GMPL, a fix that caused problems for non-English users, and a change that removes a Python error being reported. All feedback welcome. Andrew

2 thoughts on “SolverStudio 0.6.03 (20140829) released

  1. The issue related to the comma as decimal separator is gone, I can work using the default settings of my computer now, thank you again Andrew!

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