17 Aug

SolverStudio 0.09.01 (20150813) released

We have just released a new version of SolverStudio:

SolverStudio_00_09_01_00 20150813b.zip (17855 downloads ) 32.33 MB

This fixes issues with SolverStudio & GAMS on 64 bit systems through a significant update to the handling GDX files (thanks Eduardo), and includes fixes for display and import of  these files. We have also added a VBA example showing how to run a SolverStudio model using VBA calls, updated PuLP to v1.6.0, and fixed an AMPL data import bug. The Advanced Installers folder now contains batch files for enabling and disabling VSTO error reporting (which can be useful when debugging installation problems). All feedback welcome.

Note: The download file is named “SolverStudio_00_09_01_00 20150813b.zip”, with the “b” being a revised version in which an unused PuLP directory has been deleted, thereby making the download smaller (but having no other effect).

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