03 Aug

SolverStudio 0.08.02 (20150803) released

We have released SolverStudio_00_08_02_00 20150803:

SolverStudio_00_08_02_00 20150803.zip (5940 downloads ) 33.15 MB

This includes bug fixes for CMPL/pyCMPL, and for Julia (including handling of data items containing booleans & strings, which failed in previous versions). Thanks to Mike Steglich for the CMPL fixes, and for Leonardo for reporting the Julia issues.

This is our first version compiled with Visual Studio 2013. This still targets .Net 4, but requires a newer version of the Windows installer (which most machines should have). Thanks to changes made by Microsoft, this should fix the problem when installing on machines with .Net 4 only (and no more recent version) with manifest reading errors.

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